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Albia's volcanic eruption

In Creatures 2, Albia had been devastated by a volcanic eruption, rumoured to be caused by the Lone Shee on his attempt to leave the planet. The volcano itself remains a major feature of the world; a high level of radiation is curiously present within it, leading to illness in most Grendels and some Ettins (Boney Grendels are not affected). A bug has been discovered which commonly manifests in the right hand side of the volcano: the God Object.

Did you know? JayD made a Flood Volcano COB to turn the volcano into a habitat for amphibious or Aquatic creatures, available at the Creatures Resource. For those who want to make the area safer without turning it aquatic, there are other COBs available as well (Volcano Garden and Radiation Remover).

Desert Volcano in Creatures 3 with player controls on lower floor

In Creatures 3 a volcano has been placed by the Shee in the Desert Terrarium of the Shee Ark. This volcano can be controlled by players, either directly, or through the machinery present aboard the ship, such as a pulse switch and some delay gates. This volcano also provides food in the form of rocks for the Gnarlers.