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Various Agent Pack

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The Various Agent Pack is a pack of agents for Creatures 3 and Docking Station by Verm. It includes:

  • Autopsy Report: allows the player to find out how a creature died, and the report's best guess as to the main cause of death. Comes with a wolfling run support addon.
  • Ancestry Tracker: records the original genome that a creature started with, which is passed onto their children with no repeats - good for the warp.
  • Falter Indicator: A small arrow for faltering creatures.
  • Cam-Free Death: the player does not need to pass the game camera over a creature's corpse for it to disappear.
  • Kitz: A pet cat for your creatures! Eats food, sleeps, plays with toys, enjoys company.
  • Floaties

The Various Agent Pack is available to download at Creatures Caves.