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Vadim Alexandrovich Trochinsky is a Russian/Spanish third-party Creatures developer, whose works are primarily programs in VB and Perl, as opposed to CAOS.

He joined the Creatures Community in October of 1999, after seeing an article for Creatures 2 in some old magazine. He began working on his first website - Shee Lab - on March 10th, 2000, and uploaded it on his birthday, April 20th.

Vadim is one of the more prolific programmers in the Creatures Community. His earlier works include the Nornimator, PowerKit, and a JRC client called vchat. He also began such projects as a reverse-engineering of the DS Server, when Creature Labs was liquidated.

Currently Vadim is working on Animus Chaotica.


  • As one of the first active Linux users in JRChat, he was given the title "Penguin Thumper" by Lummox JR, who likened Vadim's Linux evangelism to other--more common--forms of evangelism. Vadim registered penguin-thumper.net in October of 2003 because he lacked a better idea for a domain name
  • vchat predates JRNet by a couple of weeks, but it was a rather more simple client
  • In the past he spelled his name as Wadim

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