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– Jellochuu! 17:30, 29 Jan 2005 (PST)

GreenReaper WAS HERE!

Help with Creatures[edit]

Hi. Would you mind helping me with Creatures 2? If so -- I was reading this site and I decided to dig it out Creatures 2 and try playing it again... Anyway, I'm not very good at it, but I managed to get my norn, Slushy, up to a point with one of those spinning circular animation things that when you get give you extra abilities (this one in particular had the infinity symble on it). My norn is there, but nothing happens when she is around it. So, could you tell me how I'm supposed to pick it up? Thanks! :) – Jello 15:20, 27 Feb 2005 (GMT)

She has to push it, and you will probably have to tell her to. Do this with "push implement" (of course, you need to have taught her what those words mean with the Computers!). I think there are probably COBs or cheats that will do this all for you if you want. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 17:59, 27 Feb 2005 (GMT)
Sorry, to interfere here. First, you need all the updates for Creatures 2, very important! Try BobTweak as cheat. Download it at BobWare. The German Creatures Community is the best place to find breed lists etc., as C2 is still much in fashion there. :-D My suggestion: Have a look at Mummy's Creatures.;-) Alien 19:30, 27 Feb 2005 (EST)
Thanks! – Jello2 20:57, 27 Feb 2005 (GMT)