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Mithrril's a good kid, even if the name is spelled wrong. These creatures you speak of, however, don't really exist to my knowledge. In fact, I have found most of the creatures on your website are mere workings of the mind and can be found on no place on earth. -- Good point. Which creatures do you mean? How should Mithrril's name be spelled? The Creatures Wiki is like an encyclopaedia - lots of stuff can be found here that one didn't know about before. If you know better, you can edit a page and write more on a subject. Some breeds have been lost to the CC, yet they are still part of the history. Some, however, have been re-discovered! :) (eg. a download for Kathira's Dragon Norns was recently added by an anonymous user) Not all of the breeds listed on the Wiki have a download link in their article. Mummy's Creatures has extensive breed lists for C1, C2 and C3/DS - if you wish to find breeds, it's a good place to start. By the way, welcome to the Creatures Wiki! - Malkin(talk)

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