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I have been playing Creatures since around 2000-ish, and didn't really understand what to do at the time, being a fairly young player, and I stopped playing it after I updated DirectX (which caused the game to break). I found my discs again in 2013 and got the GoG version so I could start playing again.

Since then, I've really got into the swing of the game. Having followed Helen's tutorials on her site as to how to play properly, I've since become a fairly successful player. Through experimentation, I'm learning how to use the genetics kit, and have thus far only created one simple breed variation (a purple version of the Frog norn) as well as some particularly helpful gene modifications for making the game a little easier.

If you want to contact me about anything Creatures, feel free, though I might not receive your message for a while.

Creatures Games I Own:[edit]