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Laura entered the Creatures Community in mid-2003, long after being introduced to the wonderful world of Albia in 1997. At first, she did not take to the series. When her mother offered to buy her Creatures 1 at a local games store, she declined. It was only her mother’s insistence that won her over, and two weeks later, she was shamefully hooked. Since then, Creatures and its community has become a valuable part of her life, with Creatures 1 and Creatures 2 being her favourites. While she doesn't often play these days, the community keeps her involved and she loves every minute of it.

Within the community, Laura is the co-administrator on Creatures Caves and the resident agony aunt for the Ask Laura advice column. Previously, she was a moderator at Albia2000, before it succumbed to spam bots. She was also regular in JRChat and in response to its shutdown, has created CC Chat, a new chat for community members to talk about the Creatures series or just have a good natter!

Back in 2004, Laura worked alongside HuffaMoose, AquaShee and Nornagon to create Encyclopedia Creaturica. However, the project had been developed in secret, and subsequently the Creatures Wiki was launched before the website could be unveiled.

Outside of the community, Laura enjoys gaming, reading and playing the piano. She currently lives with her fiancé and baby daughter. As of December 2017, Laura is taking a break from her regular involvement in the community to focus on motherhood.

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Ask Laura[edit]

Since 2003, Laura has contributed to Creatures Caves as the resident agony aunt columnist in the immensely popular feature Ask Laura, where she dispenses invaluable, and often humorous advice to creatures who need it.

The Ask Laura Mystery Agent was created by Liam and nornagon in 2005 to commemorate the 500th Ask Laura question.

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