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Jdownie is the wiki username for Jonathan Downie, a norn breeder who has created a few genetic breeds and has already put together a coloured version of Mercury Norns. These are now available on TCR, the male is called Rolf and the female is called Cat. Apart from skipping one lifestage, there are no known issues.

He has also created three genetic breeds:

•an upgraded version of the Hardman Norns called Superhardman Norns

•an adjusted version of the Bondi Norn Genome called Nebondi Norns

•a black breed named after EasyGMS, the editor used to create them. The patterning, but not the colour, of these latter norns can be seen on popular TCR norns like Soleroa.

He also worked with The White Crayon on the Poison Norns, providing the initial genetic breed, which was subsequently improved.

--Jdownie 17:44, 10 July 2009 (UTC)