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Gender: Male

Age: (Will not be revealed. Deal.)

Occupation: None?

DS ID: Geolyte

Interests: Genetic Sciences (A-Life or otherwise!), surfing the net, and building things.

Game Genres: God games, Mech, Sim, Strategy. Especially the mechs...

Favorite Food: Umm... I can't decide ;)

Political Party: Democrat all the way!

Favorite Norn Breed: Plant Norn

Favorite Ettin Breed: Yettins (I also like Ettins more than the other species)

Favorite Grendel Breed: Vampyre Grendels

Location: A rural town in the US of A.

E-Mail: geohevy@operamail.com

I am a good spelurz, and sprite artist (just not for Creature sprites; figures.).

I used to have an account here knnown as Genetic, but I forgot the password, and copied some stuff over... That and I just like Geohevy better.

I love to edit genomes, and I'm especially interested in the way CA smells trigger chemical production.