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How to do if you installed Docking Station in the wrong location like in the 'Program Files'[edit]

This guide is for Windows 10 but may work on MacOS or Linux. Warning: All or some items in your inventory may disappear.

Help I have Norns / Ettins / Grendals I love, installed dozens of agents and I already decorated my world with Garden Box, I don't want to lose everything and start over.

Calm down, I got your back.

Make a copy of the 'Docking Station' folder and rename it to something like 'Backup Docking Station'. This is the backup in case anything goes wrong. DO NOT delete the original 'Docking Station' folder in Program Files. Uninstall Docking Station properly using your operating system's in-built uninstaller, which will call the official Docking Station uninstaller. But it seems the official Docking Station uninstaller has screwed up and the Docking Station folder is still in Program Files. The official uninstaller will also generate a 'Docking Station' folder in your Documents, delete that.

Download another copy of Docking Station. Install it again, but this time in the Documents folder.

When it is installed, it will generate a 'Docking Station' folder in Documents. Copy the entire contents of 'Backup Docking Station' to 'Docking Station'. You can select all files in a folder using Ctrl + A on Windows.

Run the game. If an error pops on when loading a save, ignore it and press 'Continue'.

In the Program Files directory, delete the 'Docking Station' Folder.

Running Creatures 3/Docking Station on a modern machine[edit]

Windows 10[edit]

Navigate to the program you click on to launch the game.

Right click on it, click Properties. This will open up 'Properties', click the 'Compatibility' tab. Tick 'Reduced color mode', and select the 16-bit color.

For extra points and to ensure compatibility, tick 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' and select 'Windows XP (Service Pack 2)'

Press 'Ok'.

Run the game.