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Hi there. I'm Azrael.

My COS files[edit]

I've spent a while making some nooby .COS files for C3. I'll be putting them up shortly. Currently, I've made:

  • A bioenergy indicator - A progress bar type thing, that simply shows how much bioenergy you've got
  • A bioenergy maintainer - a button, that keeps the bioenergy levels at 1000 when it's turned on.
  • A speech monitor (incomplete) - An infobar, that displays the last thing any creatures in 1999 range (that's the highest it'll let me do) said. It also produces a .txt file full of everything they've said. When I find out how to get/set names of creatures, I'll finish it.

Get them all at User:AzraelUK/COS files

Etn and Fig[edit]

So what if I used sezz?

I enjoy leaving C3 open in the background whilst I'm surfing the web; my unnamed Norns have long since died off. I now follow the progress of the Grendels and Ettins that inhabit the world - namely, Etn and Fig. They're the best of friends, but they don't seem to be able to make it out of the Norn Terrarium. A sample of their jabber:

Fig (Grendel): fig extremely bored
Etn (Ettin): maybe get machinery fig

The Grendels are now kleptomaniacs too, and living in peaceful harmony with the Ettins. (The Grendels couldn't get into the Norn Terrarium without dying, until the Ettins dismantled my automatic turret!). The Grendels now teach this trait to young Ettins, too:

Er (Ettin): ew intenthly bawed
Fig (Grendel): maybe get machinery er

Etn: etn intensly homesick
Fig: maybe approach grendel home etn

He probably would, if he could figure out how.

Fig: fig extremely hungry for starch
Etn: maybe left seed fig

Fig then walks to his left (whilst the green arrow is over a seed to his right) and then falls off of the ledge near the incubator. I decide to leave him there as I haven't been interfering for a while, so I didn't want to spoil it. Etn gets lonely eventually, and follows him off of the ledge. I'm worried they'll find their way into the bridge from down there. For now, however, they're entertained enough by the beatbox down there.

Also, Fig and Etn enjoy swapping names periodically.

Update: Another Ettin has passed on. Fortunately, he died whilst doing what he loved:


Yes, under that large pile of gadgets and machinery is a dead Ettin. This time, it's real, I swear. It's not like the other picture here :).

Update: Fig and Etn have passed on, after an hour of fast-mode. There was a small ceremony in remembrance, held by his son, M2E3. Unfortunately, due to a modified vendor .COS file, it turned from a funeral with light refreshments into an alcohol-fueled party. The Grendels that were there have made their way onto the bridge. I'm not sure how long it is until they take an axe to the Shee Ark's Lung. I'm afraid for my life.