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Heyo there, it's just me, Anduin. Other than here, I can also be found as a regular or semi-regular at-

I have been playing the Creatures-series for over nine years now, starting with a bargain-bin copy of Creatures 2. My eighth anniversary of playing Docking Station (as Leumi) is August 7th, 2009. Despite this... history, I wasn't really ever active in the Community for a long while. I would often drop a random comment into a forum discussion and then disappear back into the background, never to be seen until a month or so later. Therefore, it seems nobody knew me until I appeared in JRC one day, although I already knew of many of them.

I have a tendency to go out of my way to look on the Internet for something that someone is looking for, even if it annoys me that they're being too lazy to look for it themselves. Don't refrain from asking me for help though, I secretly enjoy it. ;) I like cheesecake, bricks, treehouses, oranges, and ankles. Oh, and llamas....