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Stuff with Creatures[edit]

I first found out about creatures in a chatroom. A friend, Yeagger, told us to search "Creatures Docking Station", and then asked if anyone already knew about it. I didn't know it existed, that thing, but it was pretty fun. It was pretty interesting, starting up. The norns were cute, the cool breeds I got from other people were pretty unique, and it was fun cross-breeding them to see some interesting results. I started downloading other things for DS, and it enhanced my experiance. My favorite DS norns, probably Draconian Norns, while my favorite metaroom would be Aquatilis Caverna.


I'm usually nice, extremely patient, peaceful, and humble. Perhaps I'm too patient. I have seperate consciences though, lol. And yes, I can lose my temper. But usually, I hold it in, and ignore most of the negative things that happen around me. For example, I'll ignore the people in the other class (this was in fifth grade) arguing about their cousins attempting suicide. It sounds harsh, but hey, they spread gossip, rumors, and they basically weren't good pupils.

I usually don't wanna cause skirmishes or arguments or stuff like that, and if there's a way to avoid 'em, I'll usually choose it. I'm not a doormat though. If the situation calls for it, I'll fight for myselves or the people I care about, usually aggressively. I'm not bragging or anything, but lots of people look up to me. Like I said, I'm nice, and nice enough to go as far as giving someone something that they didn't ask for but they'd do good with it. Even if people laugh at me.

Yes, I'm polite. Very. I usually follow the social norms. Well, I don't waste any valuable time fooling around if I follow the social norms, right? I have otugoing dreams, but I'm usually shy to people. Okay, actually, I don't know how to explain it. Hmm, let's see. I guess I don't wanna waste my breath talking to other people for a reason that'll help progress my life much. But I do maintain friendships. And yeah, I don't hold grudges. Besides, I usually reflect upon them, laugh about them, abnd if someone is in a situation like I was in before, I'll just give them advice, If they don't use it, I try to convince them why it's the best choice, if they're my friend.

  • Age:Hint- It's a two-digit number. I'd be surprised if anyone gets it right.
  • Birthstone:Ruby
  • Greek Astrological Sign:Leo
  • Greek Astrological Birthstone:Ruby
  • Chinese Zodiac Sign:Pig
  • Chinese Element:Metal
  • Chinese Polarity:Yin
  • Chinese Zodiac Stone:Topaz. Well, I guess I'm a colorless Topaz, to be specific.


Well, I was born in the Philippines, in Baguio (Ba-gyo) to be specific. When I was four and-a-half, mom and I finally got our VISA to America. Dad was already there, waiting for us. The airport we went to was the Manila airport, and we moved to Southern California (Simi Valley to be specific), where we had a two-story house. It was somewhat small, but big enough for two adults and three kids. Besides, it looked really big to me, mainly because when I was four, and I was less the three feet (about a meter) tall. Short, huh? But I grew tall with some American milk.

I was homeschooled by my mom in Preschool, and she was also homeschooling some of my cousins in the Philippines. When I got to America, homeschooling was done. Mom got a job, and she was learning how to drive. She wasn't use to some high-tech things (we didn't have much technology back in Camdas), but she eventually got it. I was content. It was Summer in America, which means no school for quite a while, and lots of Cartoon Network Theater and videogames on my PS1. I also made a friend- my neighbor, Katie. She was okay.


Kindergarten was great! We got to play with magnets and play-doh, we got home at 12:00 PM, we only had to turn in homework on Fridays, and we had a big field (to us) with a big Willow tree at the end. I still remember part of my first day with paper bordering with pictures of schoolbuses on the billboards. I also made a few friends there too, though I was usually shy. I was partially carsick since back in Baguio, we usually didn't ride in cars, but I was good being driven to school. First grade took place in the same school, but we got to go to another playground- a blacktop. We lost some of our privileges though; no more play-doh or magnets, we went home at 2:25, and we had to turn in homework the next day. But it was fine, easy.

Second grade, our community school opened. It'd been closed for 50 years because of mildew, but it was nice and clean when it opened except for a little yellow, dried stuff around some of the pipes. We got free candy on the last Friday of every month. And we had such a big field... and a big blacktop.