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  • Creatures 2 Uni Norns
    Name: UniNorn
  • Home Area: Albia
  • Game: Creatures 2
  • Slot: Geat slot U

The UniNorn is a Norn breed for Creatures 2 made to resemble the mythical Unicorn. Made by Wafuru and available for download at Adventures in Nornsitting!

Wafuru has this to say about the UniNorns: "In theory, these little norns should be very social, but only among themselves. They'll be friendly to each other, but somewhat shy around other norns and creatures. I'm not entirely sure how noticeably inclusive these little Norns actually are, but they seem to flock towards each other most when given a choice of Norns to associate with."

The UniNorns were the last ever Creatures 2 Norn breed made by Wafuru.

There is also an unrelated breed for Creatures 3 and Docking Station called the Uni Norn, as well as a person called Uninorn.