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Uncovered Projects

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Uncovered Projects was a large third-party site that, at one point, hosted a very wide-ranging collection of Creatures editors. The site also produced several highly memorable projects, including the Borg Norns, Mobius Norns and Tribal Norns. The Borg Norns in particular were a triumph, as they were actually capable of assimilating other Norns left in their world.

Many of the group's more ambitious projects, such as the Mobius Norns, were never released, which became something of a joke at the time.

Uncovered Projects started to go downhill shortly after a major site revamp was discovered to have been copied almost exactly from another site on the web, with only a couple of images and the copyright notice altered. The discovery was showcased on AntiNorn's Tortured Norns website, the first of several articles in the 'Doghouse' section. Uncovered Projects was forced to revert to its old layout, and lost a good deal of its standing in the community.

The site had its own 'official' timeline, along which all projects had to somehow be based. While a bold move, this was ultimately rather self-destructive as it became increasingly far-fetched with each project - though the projects themselves were largely highly ambitious and excellent additions, strung together they were simply improbable.