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Ugly Tomato

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Ugly tomato.png

The Ugly Tomato is a weed found on the middle level of the Grendel Tree in Creatures 1, near the dock. The Ugly Tomato has negative effects on a creature's sex drive. It also contains small amounts of adrenaline (which can age a norn through increased stress) - it can serve as a form of birth control, or, in times of need, as a basic food source. Compare with Ugly Tomato Herb.

Creatures 1 Chemical Composition[edit]

Creatures 2[edit]

Amy has created an Ugly Tomato COB for Creatures 2. The C2 Ugly Tomato has the same effects it had before the volcano erupted. An Ugly Tomato will be injected into the Hand, and if left in a quiet place will grow into a lovely Ugly Tomato Plant. They will grow anywhere the C2 Tomatoes grow. It is available for download at Creatures Caves.