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The turkey in the kitchen, with other Christmas Pack COBs.

The Turkey is an object in the Christmas Pack 1996 for Creatures 1. The Turkey injects into the kitchen and when eaten it gives:

  • 250 Hunger Decrease
  • 10 Need for Pleasure Decrease
  • 150 Starch

These values are identical to the cheese.

It uses the C1 class number:

  • 2 6 6

Creatures 2[edit]

In Creatures 2, the turkey included in the Christmas Pack 1998 is renamed the Christmas Turkey, and it gives

  • Starch
  • Fat
  • Hunger decrease

The turkey carcass remains for longer in the world, becoming detritus, and the carcass gives, if eaten:

  • Pain increase
  • Histamine A
  • Histamine B

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