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C3 Chemical List

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Information compiled from various sources, especially the original (but occasionally erroneous) Full Chemical List.

It is important to note that the effect of a chemical depends on your creature's genome. The effects listed here apply to typical creatures, especially but not exclusively normal breeds of Norns. Some creatures like Toxic Norns will have completely different reactions to certain chemicals. It is possible for mutations to be introduced which cause an otherwise normal Norn to develop an unusual reaction to a chemical. This can cause positive effects like immunity to a disease or immortality, or it may cause negative effects such as death at birth. Therefore, the tables listed below can only be considered general guidelines, though they will hold most of the time.

NOTE: Do not be alarmed when chemicals marked "bad" appear in your creature's bloodstream, unless they are toxins. Many are normal, they just produce negative effects when injected. Chemicals marked "vital" are necessary to your creature's survival and you may need to inject them if they are lacking, but injecting them when there is already a good supply may have no effect. Also, be warned that the good/bad column does not take into account how your creature will feel, only how it affects the creature's health.

Stimulus Chemicals[edit]

Stimulus genes use a different numbering system for chemicals than most biological systems. You can convert a stimulus chemical number to a biological chemical number using the following formula:

If the stim chem is 255, then the bio chem is 0. Otherwise, the bio chem is (stim chem + 148) % 256 + (1 if stim chem >= 108 else 0)

Biological Chemicals[edit]


Number Name Good/Bad Description
N/A Unknownase Neutral Any unlisted chemical is called unknownase. It has no effect.


Number Name Good/bad Description
1 Lactate Neutral (see main article) Produced when a creature is suffocating, hungry for carbohydrate or drowning. Causes choking sensation and slight injury to muscles. Though this sounds bad, production of lactate is not a bad thing: it's the body's way of telling the creature that they should do something about their inability to breathe, for instance, to get out of the water!
2 Pyruvate Good Produced from glucose. Turns ADP into ATP. Injecting ATP or energy would be more direct.
3 Glucose Good All food eventually produces glucose. It then becomes pyruvate, and then, one hopes, ATP.
4 Glycogen Vital Starch storage chemical. Glycotoxin can deplete this.
5 Starch Good Found in high concentration in seeds, and smaller concentration in fruits. Of course, it can also be injected.
6 Fatty acid Good This stuff, believe it or not, is actually good. A stage in the breakdown of fat.
7 Cholesterol Neutral A by-product of the breakdown of fat. Sometimes converted to Pyruvate and Amino acid
8 Triglyceride Good Another stage in the breakdown of fat.
9 Adipose tissue Good When your creature needs to store fat for the long-term, the fat becomes this. This is the stuff that makes them fat, but they'll never really be obese.
10 Fat Good Fat is actually a good thing. It's found in food and critters.
11 Muscle tissue Vital Long-term storage of protein. Inject to counteract effects of muscle toxin.
12 Protein Good Food source found in food and fruit.
13 Amino acid Good When protein is broken down, it becomes this.


Number Name Good/bad Description
17 Downatrophin Neutral This silly-sounding chemical simply makes your creature adopt a "going-downhill" gait. It is only produced when it is actually going downhill.
18 Upatrophin Neutral Like downatrophin, but for uphill situations.


Number Name Good/bad Description
24 Dissolved carbon dioxide Neutral A waste product (from the breaking down of pyruvate) that is removed from the body by the lungs.
25 Urea Neutral Waste product from protein digestion which controls urination. (No, you don't get to see the creatures urinate.)
26 Ammonia Bad Nothing to be alarmed about if you see it in your creature's bloodstream, but don't inject it because it's somewhat toxic. It is a waste product which is naturally turned into urea.


Number Name Good/bad Description
29 Air Good Indicates the presence of breathable air, with water produces oxygen.
30 Oxygen Vital Used to break down pyruvate, which makes energy. This produces dissolved carbon dioxide as a waste product.
33 Water Good By-product of metabolism and also a coolant.
34 Energy Vital The final product of the breakdown of glucose. It can also save your creature's life in an energy crisis. It turns ADP back into ATP.
35 ATP Vital ATP is the staple of your creature's bloodstream. Without it, your creature would be dead, and in fact there's an extremely lethal poison that takes advantage of this (ATP Decoupler). ATP is used for almost all bodily functions.
36 ADP Neutral When ATP's energy is used up, it becomes this. There's little point in injecting it (ATP would be the better choice), but its presence in the bloodstream is very normal. When glucose is broken down, ADP becomes ATP.



Number Name Good/bad Description
39 Arousal potential Good Produced when the creature is fertile, and ready to mate. Needs opposite sex pheromone to convert it into sex drive.
40 Libido lowerer neutral Lowers the sex drive when the creature is not ready to mate for any reason
41 Opposite sex pheromone Good This Is produced when a creature senses another creature of the correct Species and sex, the presence of this chemical triggers the convert of arousal potential into sex drive.


Number Name Good/bad Description
46 Oestrogen Good Indicates the fertility of a female (no oestrogen, no kisspop). Sharply falling levels of oestrogen indicates the most fertile time for the female.
48 Progesterone Good Produced during pregnancy. Triggers egg-laying once it reaches a threshold. A shot of progesterone may help a pregnant norn deliver her child. Progesterone also prevents pregnancy for a short time after the norn lays her egg. Fun fact: injecting progesterone into a female will make her body think she is pregnant, her stomach will grow and her body will change in order to conceive,but don't worry, this will wear off and the creature will return to normal.


Number Name Good/bad Description
53 Testosterone Good Controls fertility in males.
54 Inhibin Neutral Theoretically controls production of testosterone, but not actually used in C3.


Basic toxins[edit]

Number Name Good/bad Description
66 Heavy metals Bad Deteriorates the immune system and causes mutations in unborn children.
67 Cyanide Dangerous We all know that in real life, taking cyanide is only useful if you want to ensure your death. With creatures, it's no different. Cyanide will slow down the creation of ATP and will therefore kill your creature if you do nothing about it. It does have a cure: sodium thiosulphate, #96.
68 Belladonna Very bad Disrupts regulatory functions.
69 Geddonase Bad Injected by stinging insects. Destroys adipose tissue.
70 Glycotoxin Bad Attacks creature's glycogen. Cure with arnica.
71 Sleep toxin Neutral Causes sleepiness. Otherwise harmless to most creatures. Produced by some antigens.
72 Fever toxin Neutral Causes a fever. Otherwise harmless to most creatures. Produced by some antigens.
73 Histamine A Neutral Causes sneezing, making disease contagious. Otherwise harmless to most creatures. Produced by some antigens.
74 Histamine B Neutral Causes coughing, making disease contagious. Otherwise harmless to most creatures. Produced by some antigens.
75 Alcohol Bad Causes drunkenness.
78 ATP decoupler Instant death ATP decoupler does its evil by taking your creature's ATP and quickly turning it all into ADP. It has a cure (medicine one, #92), but ATP decoupler works very fast, so chance of recovery is infinitesimal. An average creature will die within two seconds upon injection of even the smallest dose.
79 Carbon monoxide Very bad Interferes with oxygen supply.
80 Fear toxin Bad Causes irrational fear and confusion.
81 Muscle toxin Bad Damages muscle tissue.


All antigens are the products of bacterial infections. They can cause organ damage; see C3 Organs to see what antigens attack which organs. Antigens also produce other chemicals. Note that Ettins are immune to all antigens except 0 through 2, and Grendels are immune to all antigens except 6 and 7. Norns should be particularly wary of antigen 5 because it produces "wounded", which can cause death!

Number Name Produces
82 Antigen 0 Histamine B
83 Antigen 1 Histamine A
84 Antigen 2 Coldness
85 Antigen 3 Coldness
86 Antigen 4 Hotness
87 Antigen 5 Wounded
88 Antigen 6 Hotness
89 Antigen 7 Pain


Number Name Good/bad Description
90 Wounded Dangerous This is actually a measure of injury. If the level gets too high, the result is death.


Number Name Description
92 Medicine one Cures ATP decoupler poisoning, but it's nearly impossible to get it in fast enough.
93 Anti-oxidant Cures carbon monoxide poisoning.
94 Prostaglandin Aids in healing from injuries.
95 EDTA Cures heavy metal poisoning.
96 Sodium thiosulphate Cures cyanide poisoning.
97 Arnica Cures glycotoxin poisoning.
98 Vitamin E Keeps reproductive organs healthy.
99 Vitamin C Keeps bones healthy, aids in healing from injuries.
100 Antihistamine Combats histamines, stopping sneezing and coughing.

Immune system[edit]

Chemicals 102 through 109 are antibodies 0 through 7, corresponding to antigens 0 through 7. Your creature will produce these antibodies on its own, but you can inject them to help combat antigens. Antibodies will only fight the corresponding antigen, for example, if your creature has antigen 5, you must inject antibody 5. You can even inject antibodies before the creature comes across the antigens, so that they're immunized.


Number Name Good/bad Description
112 Anabolic steroid Neutral? Builds up muscle tissue.
113 Pistle Neutral? Regulates urination and water coolation.
114 Insulin Neutral? Not used?
115 Glycolase Neutral? Not used?
116 Dehydrogenase Good Removes alcohol
117 Adrenaline Bad Controls "fight or flight".
118 Grendel nitrate Neutral Only found in Grendels. Influences decisions on whether or not a particular creature is friend or foe.
119 Ettin nitrate Neutral Only found in Ettins. Influences decisions on whether or not a particular creature is friend or foe.
121 Protease Neutral? Converts muscle tissue to amino acid (1->4 in default genome)
124 Activase Neutral? Not used?
125 Life Vital Creature ages as this depletes. A creature dies of old age when it nears zero. Continually injecting this will effectively make your creature immortal.
127 Injury Good(ish) Prompts system to heal wounds. However, if it is too high, your Creature's life is endangered.
128 Stress Bad Produced when a drive is too high for an extended period of time.
129 Sleepase ? Converts "sleepiness backup" to "sleepiness"
130 Tryptamine Neutral/Bad Unknownase in the unmodified game. However, causes hallucinogenic effects in CFF-based creatures. Main source is the Amethyst Berry Bush.

Drive backups[edit]

Sometimes drives need to be suppressed when a creature should have other priorities. You should not inject any of these chemicals, because drives produce stress.

Number Name
131 Pain backup
132 Hunger for protein backup
133 Hunger for carb backup
134 Hunger for fat backup
135 Coldness backup
136 Hotness backup
137 Tiredness backup
138 Sleepiness backup
139 Loneliness backup
140 Crowdedness backup
141 Fear backup
142 Boredom backup
143 Anger backup
144 Sex drive backup
145 Comfort drive backup

Drive chemicals[edit]

These represent your creature's drives. You should not inject any of these chemicals, because drives produce stress.

Number Name
148 Pain
149 Hunger for protein
150 Hunger for carb
151 Hunger for fat
152 Coldness
153 Hotness
154 Tiredness
155 Sleepiness
156 Loneliness
157 Crowded
158 Fear
159 Boredom
160 Anger
161 Sex Drive
162 Comfort drive

CA smell gradient chemicals[edit]

These represent stimuli -- sights, smells, etc. Injecting them will not harm your creature, though they will probably confuse it.

Number Name
165 CA Sound
166 CA Light
167 CA Heat
168 CA Water (from the sky)
169 CA Nutrient (plants)
170 CA Water (bodies of)
171 CA Protein
172 CA Carbohydrate
173 CA Fat
174 CA Flowers
175 CA Machinery
176 CA Creature egg
177 CA Norn smell
178 CA Grendel smell
179 CA Ettin smell
180 CA Norn home smell
181 CA Grendel home smell
182 CA Ettin home smell
183 CA Gadget smell
184 CA smell 19 [not used]

Stress chemicals[edit]

Produced when the corresponding drive is too high.

Number Name
187 Stress (high H4C) [hunger for carbohydrate]
188 Stress (high H4P) [hunger for protein]
189 Stress (high H4F) [hunger for fat]
190 Stress (high Anger)
191 Stress (high Fear)
192 Stress (high Pain)
193 Stress (high Tired)
194 Stress (high Sleep)
195 Stress (high Crowded)

Unknownases/Custom Chemicals[edit]

Number Name Description/Purpose Breed
16 Embryonic Tissue Hormone Uses up muscle tissue during pregnancy TWBs
20 Fruit Pulp Gives Vitamin C and Protein TWBs 2.0
49 Flyerase Allows creatures to fly with the flying agent
61 Lactic Acid Replaces Lactate CFFs
63 Swimmerase Allows creature to swim underwater with the swimmer agent Various
110 Body Heat Represents internal body temperature TWBs
111 Heat Loss Represents loss of internal heat TWBs
120 Nanoacid Allows creatures to eat gadgets with edible gadgets Used in Metallophagus Grendels V2
130 Tryptamine Causes visual hallucinations CFFs
163 Invisase Makes creatures invisible with the invisibility agent Moonshadow Grendels
196 Digestive chemical Abyss Dragons v. 2.0
197 Digestive chemical Abyss Dragons v. 2.0
215 Platelets Seals wounds from bleeding TWBs 2.0
220 Unoxygenated Blood TWBs 2.0
221 Oxygenated Blood TWBs 2.0
224 B Cells TWBs 2.0
225 Plasma 0 TWBs 2.0
226 Plasma 1 TWBs 2.0
227 Plasma 2 TWBs 2.0
228 Plasma 3 TWBs 2.0
229 Plasma 4 TWBs 2.0
230 Plasma 5 TWBs 2.0
231 Plasma 6 TWBs 2.0
232 Plasma 7 TWBs 2.0
233 Oneirogenase A hallucinogen which makes creatures less bored and crave sugary, fatty, foods. Abyss Dragons v. 2.0
234 Monotreme Chemical Monotremes
235 Monotreme Chemical Monotremes
236 Milk/Motase Monotremes/Abyss Dragons v. 2.0
237 Monotreme Chemical Monotremes

Brain chemicals[edit]

These are used to control your creature's learning and navigation. It is not a good idea to inject any of these except for the unused chemicals.

Number Name Description
198 Disappointment Produced when the creature tries something that doesn't work.
199 Up Navigational.
200 Down Navigational.
201 Exit Navigational.
202 Enter Navigational.
203 Wait Navigational.
204 Reward Produced when the Hand rewards the creature.
205 Punishment Produced when the Hand punishes the creature.
206 Brain chemical 9 Not used.
207 Brain chemical 10 Not used.
208 Brain chemical 11 Not used.
209 Brain chemical 12 Not used.
210 Brain chemical 13 Not used.
211 Brain chemical 14 Not used.
212 Pre - REM Controls dreaming. Your creature learns its instinctual behaviors while it dreams.
213 REM Controls dreaming.

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