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A tribble, also called the eastertribble, is a furry critter from Norngarden that resembles a rabbit without ears, and comes in many colors and patterns. The Tribble comes with Norngarden 2, but a different, non-burrowing version can also be downloaded at the Norngarden website. It is highly recommended for use with norns that like to eat critters, like the Draconian Norns or the Bondi Norns.

Tribbles eat seeds and nuts and will lay eggs as long as they are well-fed. Too many tribbles may harm the ecosystem by eating all the plants' seeds, so their population should be kept in check. Unfortunately the tribble native to Norngarden 2 often goes extinct due to natural causes or hungry norns. Therefore it is recommended you use the version that can be downloaded from the Norngarden website.

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