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DarbyDoo (also known as LilyNorn) joined the Creatures Community late 2012, after getting back into the Creatures series and discovering there was in fact a whole active community of Creatures fans. She was first introduced to Albia at a young age when her mum bought Creatures 1 when she was five years old for her and her older siblings. Instantly, she fell in love with the series, although she was absolutely terrified of Grendels. She stopped playing sometime after her first Norn died, but when her little sister showed interest in the game, she got back into the series and joined the community. Since then, she's rooted herself on Albia and the Creatures Community.

Since joining the community, DarbyDoo is a Moderator on Creatures Caves, as well as a known lurker of the CC Chat. Darby often writes and seldom finishes stories about her Norns and their adventures. She is known to sprite for all Creatures games, and although she's never actually coded, she loves playing a part in cobbling and likes to work alongside coders in need of sprites. She occasionally hosts Wolfling Runs and has been known to dabble in gengineering from time to time. Runs her own Creatures blog, As Told by Darby Doo. Updates sporadically.

In her spare time, Darby enjoys reading and writing, archery, camping, knitting, sewing, obsessing over Doctor Who, lemon tea, and is hell-bent on becoming an author.

Creatures Development (or rather, sprites!)[edit]

In progress


Darbydoo is a proud Norndoll enthusiast and supposedly has a secret army of Norndolls brewing in her lab. She plans for world domination by sending them out into the unsuspecting community through secret adoptions and contests, bwahaha! Plans for her own Norndoll pattern are still in the works, as well as an Ettin and Grendoll.