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Toxic Norn

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Toxic Norn

The Toxic Norns are a rather special breed created by Creature Labs. You could only buy the Toxic Norn Pack from the Creatures Mall. As of 2013, Toxics, along with other Mall Breeds were unavailable, but they were officially re-released as free DLC when Creatures Gold was re-released on Steam in December 2021, and are also available for download at Eemfoo.org.

Species Specifics[edit]

As described in the Toxic Norn Story, Toxic Norns are quite partial to detritus and just love a bacteria-filled environment. Indeed, it is important not to try to keep them "healthy" in the normal way, as doing so is likely to be bad for them. For this reason it is not often possible to mix Toxic Norns and other norn breeds - one or the other is likely to be very unhappy with their environment! This can result in norns that cannot survive, such as cross-breeds that instinctively eat detritus but can't digest it. A higher rate of stillbirth is common with Toxic and normal crosses, perhaps because normal norns have an initial concentration of antibodies - which poison Toxics. As much of the food in the Docking Station Norn Meso is filled with cures, it is best to raise your Toxic Norns elsewhere. Cure Free DS removes the cures from the DS food items, making them safe for Toxics while not being harmful for other creatures.

Did you Know? Twilight and the Wyvern's Lodge both have agents to help you care for your Toxic Norns. Also, if you're looking for a bit of extra room to keep your Toxic Norns in, the Garbage Dump metaroom would be an excellent addition to your world. Manky, such as the Yule Booze, is also very healthy for Toxic Norns, while not being particularly bad for other norns.

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