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Tombstone Creator

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The Tombstone Creator is an agent by Clucky for easily reincarnating dead creatures. There is a C3 version and a DS version. When a creature dies, its body is replaced by a tombstone, tinted according to the gender of the creature. Creatures who died before they were born are recorded by the tombstones as genderless. A master tombstone with a red and black bar across it is part of the setup, if it is clicked, all tombstones will come to it. Each creature tombstone has two buttons on it, a grey X and a green O. If the grey X is clicked, the tombstone disappears. If the green O is clicked, the tombstone disappears and the creature is reincarnated as a baby of the same sex of the original creature, which is cloned from the original norn's genetics and is in generation one. If the tombstone itself is clicked, some information about the creature itself appears - its generation, sex and species.