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Tomato in Creatures 2

The Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a food in all of the installments of the Creatures series of games, although for Creatures 3 and Docking Station, these are unofficial versions.

Creatures 1[edit]

In Creatures 1 the tomato is classed as a herb, and though it's not very satisfying nutritionally, it has aphrodisiac qualities, having the following effects:

Compare with Ugly Tomato. See also Updated Herbs.

Creatures 2[edit]

In Creatures 2, the Tomato Plant bears fruit which do not have any reproductive effects.

On decaying, the fruit adds 5 organic nutrients to the soil. To grow into a new tomato plant, it requires a level of inorganic nutrients between 70 and 100.

Once a creature eats the fruit, it leaves behind a half-eaten fruit that is inedible, but still classified as a fruit - this can confuse creatures. The One Chomp Nuts COB fixes this. Zap created a Modified Tomatoes & Nuts COB which altered the tomatoes to be invisible until they were ripe and fix a problem where they would sometimes get stuck in one pose. The Thirsty Norn Patches adds a thirst decrease to the tomatoes. A tomato gun toy is also available in C2.

There is a Golden Tomatoes third-party COB.

Creatures 3/Docking Station[edit]

Tomatoes are available for C3/DS through several third party agents, including the Albian Fruit Basket and the Terra metaroom. These Tomatoes are almost identical in appearance and effect to the C2 versions they are based on.