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Toby Simpson

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Cyberlife - top to bottom, left to right: John Ferguson, Robert Dickson, Robin Charlton, Mark Ashton, Ben Campbell, Toby Simpson
Toby Simpson

Toby Simpson was Creative Director and Executive Producer/Manager of Creatures, Creatures 2 and Creatures 3, as well as being credited for Docking Station. Prior to this he worked on Global Effect, Diggers and Diggers 2: Extractors.

In 2001, Toby left Creatures Labs with his brother Ben Simpson to form Nicely Crafted; they were later joined by Mark Ashton and Robert Dickson. At a later point, Toby Simpson became the Chief Technology Officer at Ososim.

Toby wrote two books for games in the Creatures series:

Toby also had a regular column in the original Creatures newsletter. He used to maintain a Home for Troubled Crustaceans, but this sadly lapsed during his work on Creatures 2.