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Tides of Albia/HANN HQ

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Welcome to "Tides of Albia/HANN HQ", This page is decanted to the game Creatures, a game were you raise, teach and learn from cute little critters called Norns. If you have no idea of what Creatures is, Turn Back Now! Also on this page is HANN HQ, a place designed to help Abused or/and Neglected Norns.


Summary of Content[edit]

  • HANN HQ: House for Abused and Neglected Norns
  • Adoption Center: Norns to Download
  • COB Shop: A collection of COBs from around the Internet
  • Albia Yellow Pages: Creatures Links
  • Help: For help on this site e-mail me.
  • Web Rings: Webrings Tides of Albia/HANN HQ has joined.
  • HANN or HANC?: Should the name be changed to House for Abused and Neglected Creatures?

History of Website[edit]

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