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The discovery of the protector norns

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The discovery of the Protector Norns is a story by the author of the website Creatures Paradise. It goes like this:

It was a rough day in the Shee Spaceship, the Shee Spaceship had flown too close to the sun, which disturbed the creatures on board. Which included a little mouse, this mouse knew she had to help, and dug a small hole in the Big One's Hill at the NornTeich. That was the coldest place on the ship. But even then it was rough. The little mouse forced itself to dig deeper into the cave and deeper into the hill, then however the hill collapsed. The mouse dug through the layer of the hill that was tightly compacted, but the mouse was tiny enough to crawl through it. The mouse looked around and exclaimed a cheese machine; since the mouse was anything but dumb, she knawed into it. She got into the hole of the cheesemaker and bit a hole through cheese, eventually crawling into that too. She then filled her tiny stomach with cheese and started napping. However, she was awakened when something had touched her soft fur, and when she looked around she noticed that half of the cheese was missing. She had to react fast, otherwise, all of the cheese would be gone. When she got out of the cheese machine, she noticed a shadow of a Bruin Norn, but because it was so dark she couldn't see any details of him. The norn said, "Gorbi eat critter". Of course, immediately the little mouse ran faster than the Bruin Norn could handle and his shadow disappeared. She had run through the corridors into the seemingly endless tube system. She accidentally pushed a Grendel and stopped in fear. It looked like a female Grendel. The eggs were about to hatch, the Grendel seemed to be quite old, next to her was a male Grendel who was a least as old as her. Then another Bruin Norn came and said "Get creature egg" and proceeded to grab one. He got out of there using a small opening, the Grendels seemed to be used to it. The mouse became curious about what the opening had inside, she slipped inside and found the Grendel Jungle. So the Grendels came onto the Shee Spaceship! There was a young Grendel who wanted to get the mouse but the mouse ran faster than her. There it was, the partitions of the Shee Spaceship, then; another Bruin Norn came in, but this time not saying a word. It was a baby, it crawled behind the mouse. It took a while before both caught up to each other. At this point, the mouse had dug a small hole and slipped through it and the Bruin baby was right on her tail. It got stuck though, as the mouse was looking around she saw that the Bruin was becoming heavy due to lack of lighting. It was a darker version of a Bruin, they might've adapted to darkness. The baby (who was not a Bruin) was still stuck in the hole. Because the mouse was forgiving, she helped get the baby out by digging the hole to make it bigger. However, when she was done, a strange bird (Kingfisher) had flown out of the hole. It seemed it was there before she dug the hole out.

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