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The Temple of Creatures 2

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The Temple of Creatures 2
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"This site contains everything about the Great Game Creatures 2"
Webmaster ZeroCool
URL http://skyscraper.fortunecity.com/isp/470/up.htm (down, Archived)
Established October 11th, 1998
Closed Unknown, after December 21st, 2007 (date of only snapshot)
WebRings The All About, Fun Loving Norn Webring, Creatures 2 Paradise WebRing,
Creatures Webring 2, Kickass Creatures WebRing,
Worldwide Norn Association Webring

The Temple of Creatures 2 was a Creatures 2 website run by ZeroCool. Only one snapshot of the homepage remains available through archives, so very little is known about the site.

Summary of Content[edit]

  • Guestbook
  • Creatures (presumably): The description on the homepage indicates the site used to host a wide variety of adoptable creatures, or was intended to at some point.
  • Downloads (presumably): Likewise for COBs and utilities...
  • Game Info (presumably): ...and information about the game.
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