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The Story of Maria

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  • Author: ColonelJ
  • Address: www.fanfiction.net/s/1703330/1/ (down)
  • Date published: 25 Jan 2004 - ?

A fiction still in progress, this is a biography in the original Creatures Albia.

Editnorn.png This stub could use more information.

"The Story of Maria" is about the life of Maria, a very smart Albian Grey Norn. The third chapter is in progress, and ColonelJ hopes to get it up and running ASAP.

For those of you who like to be teased, here's a preview for chapter three:

Chapter Three: Making it Alone[edit]

I took Maria back to the music hall and the projection room, and proceeded to spoil her. After a while, she seemed content as she was before Murial and Oscar died. Maria still played with her choo-choo train, and the orange cat, and I started taking her to the desert island more and more. Everything was turning normal.

I read in my old Norn log how many times Muriel got pregnant. If the children had not been stillborn, Maria would have had nine siblings. It was very sad to see that Muriel only had one living child out of nine. It was even sadder to know that Muriel could have possibly conceived more children, but she never got the chance.

It was a rainy Friday evening when Maria started playing with him. His name was David, a Hippy Norn. He was the son of Wind and Moon, who spent most of their time in the tunnel under the kitchen. They seemed to like playing together, and were about the same age.

It was then that I realized: they'd go perfect together.