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The Norn Nebula

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The Norn Nebula
Webmaster C-Rex
URL https://thenornnebula.blogspot.com/
Established February 3, 2009
Last update April 28, 2019


A website that contains updates about C-Rex's projects and worlds along with links to other useful creatures websites, as well as (formerly) NornHub, which provided a live stream of C3/DS. It also has a page for all of C-Rex's genetic breeds and COBs.

From February 2009 to mid 2016, The Norn Nebula was named "Docking Station Galaxy" or DS Galaxy, and was a traditional website centered solely around Docking Station, along with a short-lived forum that launched a year later. In late 2011 it adopted a blog format popular with many other Creatures websites at the time, and moved from webs.com to Blogger. DS Galaxy launched its YouTube Channel in 2012. A live stream, entitled The Norn Hub, began in mid-2014. It was relaunched as NornHub in late 2015 after a year's hiatus.

In mid-2016, the blog was re-branded "The Norn Nebula" to help encompass the whole creatures series rather than Docking Station, and it was also heavily redesigned. The blog went dormant in 2017, with C-Rex stating that nothing will be posted "unless it is significantly important".

Main Features[edit]


C2 Genetic Breeds

C2 Fixes

C3/DS Genetic Breeds


C3/DS Fixes