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The Norn Nebula

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The Norn Nebula
Webmaster C-Rex
URL https://thenornnebula.blogspot.com/
Established February 3, 2009
Last update September 11, 2023


A website that contains updates about C-Rex's projects and worlds along with links to other useful creatures websites, as well as (formerly) NornHub, which provided a live stream of C3/DS. It also has a page for all of C-Rex's genetic breeds and COBs.

From February 2009 to mid 2016, The Norn Nebula was named "Docking Station Galaxy" or DS Galaxy, and was a traditional website centered solely around Docking Station, along with a short-lived forum that launched a year later. In late 2011 it adopted a blog format popular with many other Creatures websites at the time, and moved from webs.com to Blogger. DS Galaxy launched its YouTube Channel in 2012. A live stream, entitled The Norn Hub, began in mid-2014. It was relaunched as NornHub in late 2015 after a year's hiatus.

In mid-2016, the blog was re-branded "The Norn Nebula" to help encompass the whole creatures series rather than Docking Station, and it was also heavily redesigned.

The blog is retired as of September 2023.

Main Features[edit]


C2 Genetic Breeds

C2 Fixes

C3/DS Genetic Breeds


C3/DS Fixes