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The Habitat

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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.
An egg from the game

An early preview of the game, a herbivore creatures within the world

The Habitat is a completely new 3D artificial life simulation game by community member Don. The title is programmed in C++ and SDL, offering both Windows and Linux compatibility, with creature art by Kim.

"The Habitat is a software engine that allows the user to design the genetic make up of a tribe of interactive, evolvable, alife creatures, which in turn determines the species' first generation physique. The modelled life forms are then released into a virtual ecosystem where inheritance, random mutations and a survival of the fittest philosophy are implemented. The user may choose to observe or influence the development of the environment as it matures but, with up to two players, they have to ensure that their tribe is the one that survives the habitat."

About the Game[edit]

Some of the 3D landscape scenes including the mountains and lake

The idea is that you start off with a 'tribe' of Creatures which you have to look after in a fully three dimensional environment. The nature of the tribe is all down to the user since you design and hatch your own set of eggs. Players can select factors such as the creatures' diets, whether they are carnivorous (dangerously red toned in colour), a herbivore (cautiously brown toned) or an omnivore (cunningly green toned), where they live -- lowland, forest, highland (white and hairy creatures) or in water (scaled blue tones) -- and some of the creatures' personality traits, such as curiosity, fear, speed, appetite, strength, eyesight etc.

The Habitat supports the passage of time, offering seasons and day/night cycles, and as such the creatures age and have a limited life span, which can be cut short if they are unable to survive their Habitat. A well adapted creature will be able to find food, avoid predators and, when the time is right, even breed. The offspring take a random combination of their parents genetics which, due to the 'survival of the fittest' philosophy of the game, should ensure they are better suited to their world than the previous generation.

The Habitat is similar to Creatures in that supports a variety of creature breeds, each with their own unique genetic makeup, body image files and attachment coordinate data.

Players can interact with the creatures and objects within the world, as in a simulation game, or choose two-player mode. The latter involves each user designing their own tribes and then competing for dominance over the Habitat. If a player loses all of their pets to the harsh world then they can choose to start again with a new set of eggs to compete with the other players' evolved creatures. The possibilities are endless!

Current Status[edit]

Don paused the project at an early alpha stage after Kim had to leave to focus on life away from the CC for a time. The project is due to resume with the help of Moe's artistic skills at a later date, but in a slightly different form..

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