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The Great Adventure

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Editnorn.png This article is about a future or planned project.
Information may change significantly as the project progresses.

The Great Adventure is a new story being created by KC11. It will be about a group of norns that go on the Secret Adventure Mode. The main characters are a female Bengal Norn named Kay and a male Bruin Norn named Chalk.

While the story will be set in the C3 game, C2toDS and C12DS areas and situations may also be shown. The "SAM" itself will be altered to be more "adventurous".

You can find out more about the story on KC11's website.


Kay: A female Bengal Norn, orphaned before hatching and taken care of by a C1 norn.

Chalk: A male Bruin Norn with no father.

Lammie: A headstrong Bondi Norn who, due to her breed, everyone expects little of in the beginning.

Aklia: A female Pippin Norn, she is the youngest of the group.

Tim: A male Banana/Purple Mountain Norn cross-breed who will go out of his way to help others.

Quentus: The only ettin of the group, but is very helpful on the journey.

Harien: A Grenorn with Malay Norn heritage. She is brought on to the group for strength, but is often made fun of.

Janmo: A male Butterfly Norn who can actually fly.

Yak, Tak, and Jak: Three Communist Ettins that the group meets along the way.

Unus: A male Banana norn, he is the biological father of Tim, and the caretaker of Kay.

Kem: Chalk's respectable mother.