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The Frog Norn Prince

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The Frog Norn Prince is a story by C-Rex, written in April 2011. It tells the story of a young Emerald Norn named Alice, and her secret love affair with a Frog Norn named Francis.


The entire story takes place in the Creatures 2 Albia, where Alice, her family, and many other Norns live. Alice's parents are extremely over-protective of her, and never let her leave the incubator cavern.

One night Alice decides to sneak away from her parents whilst they sleep. She soon reaches a pond, but as she crouches down to drink, she falls in. Fortunately she is rescued by a frog, whom she kisses, causing it to transform into a handsome Frog Norn named Francis.

Alice and Francis fall madly in love with eachother, but Alice knows her parents will never let her see him. The following day at Norn school Alice's class go on a trip around Albia, and she manages to sneak off and meet with him. Unfortunately, she makes a promise to visit him every single day, and she becomes exhausted.

Alice's parents soon cotton on, and ask Alice why her grades at school are dropping. Alice lies, and pretends that her teacher has been bullying her. Consequently her father goes to confront the teacher and attacks her.

The following day schools is cancelled, and for once in her life Alice is allowed to venture outside the incubator cavern. However, she sees her best friend Marsha playing with a fishing rod near the ocean, but decides to visit Francis instead, whom she ends up kiss-popping.

Once back home Alice discovers that whilst she was visiting Francis, Marsha fell into the sea and drowned. She is accused of being responsible for Marsha's death by her parents, causing her to snap and run away to live with Francis.

Unfortunately, Francis reverts back to his frog form and dies while collecting aubergines. Shortly after burying his body, Alice suddenly lays an egg. The egg soon hatches into a male Frog Norn named Prince.

Alice soon decides to make amends and visits her parents, who apologize for their accusations and promise to support her throughout her life as a mother. She also vows never to love another Norn as much as she loved Francis, a promise that stays with her until she passes away at the age of 15 hours 30 minutes, the great-grandmother of 12 grandchildren.