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The Creatures Hotel

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The Creatures Hotel
The Creatures Hotel New Banner.jpg
"Look at the night skies, and you'll see the stars"
Webmaster Len Maessen
Old URL http://www.pwcons.com/len/creature_start.html (down, Archived)
New URL http://www.pwcons.com/len/creature_new1.html (down, Archived)
Established Unknown
Closed Unknown, last updated December 20th, 2000
WebRings Cool Norns Webring, Creatures WebRing, Creatures COBs WebRing, Kickass Creatures WebRing

The Creatures Hotel was a website run by Len Maessen. It had two versions, the second of which was space-themed to celebrate the release of Creatures 3. It hosted fanfiction, much of which took place in a setting called Albia 5, and COBs, some of which were Len's own.

Summary of Content (1st Site)[edit]

  • Stories and Poems
  • Genetics: Contained Len's experiment with immortality genes.
  • Creatures 2: The Creatures 2 "wing" of the site. It hosted four creatures for download, but none of the files were saved in archives.
  • Links: Plus additional links on the home page to send or receive 123Greetings cards.
  • Creatures Cliffhanger: A collaborative story-writing game.
  • N.A.S.C.F: A page about the site's award, the 'Nother Award for Sites for Creatures Freaks.

Summary of Content (2nd Site)[edit]

  • The Hotel Restaurant: A "menu" of COBs to download. Despite the theming, more than just edible COBs were available.
  • The Pound: Creature downloads, both individuals and packs, and some with genetic modifications.
  • The Lobby: A disembaguation page for two sections of the site, Flyer's Tree and Janny's Garden, that were never finished.
  • The Library: Len's stories and poems.
  • The Creatures Hotel Forum: At some point, The Creatures Hotel was intended to have its own forum.