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The Capillata Hub

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The Capillata Hub is run by Agoeb (A.K.A Coolpikaaa), and hopes to offer a unique atmosphere in which members of the CC can take care of all their creature's needs.


The capitillia hub
  • Address: thecapillatahub.webs.com (archive)
  • Webmaster: Agoeb
  • Ran from/to: 07 Aug 09 - Current

Summary of Content[edit]

  • A Storeroom, Where Agents, COBS, Breeds, and other things are kept for download.
  • Fully running membership system, with Avatars, PMs, Comments, and each users own "Crew Listing" where information on that user is displayed, and can be commented on by others.
  • "The Comms. Room" a fully operating Forum with several boards dedicated to different needs.
  • Tons more!