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The Burrows

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The Burrows is the name given to the "Terra Nornia to DS" conversion made by clohse for the CCSF 2006. Clohse also released a toy pack of standalone agents. It is named after Terra Nornia's world file name (burrows.sfc).

Kitchen area of the Burrows

It was released in a beta state. The conversion is not complete, as it lacks some objects and some seasonal changes, and there are several known bugs:

  • The bees and clouds still sometimes get 'stuck' in certain places (fixable by either clicking on the Welcome Sign tool or clicking directly on them with the hand)
  • The lifts all only cover two levels. You may wish to replace them with something like the elevines
  • The crayfish will occasionally hang. Just pick them up and move them to unhang them
  • The room above the sinkhole only allows creatures to navigate away in one direction because the rooms on the other side are not properly connected
  • Some animations run too fast
  • Several plants have confusing stims and interactions (such as being edible, when plants are not normally edible)

However, with autokill on, the room is usable.