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The Biodome

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The locks must be activated to change the CA environment of each cave.
Biodome Icon

The Biodome is a large metaroom for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. It includes a large forest-themed vertical section. The room also features five underground caves in the lower area, each of which can be customized with different backgrounds and CA environments. The custom room options include rainforest, desert, underwater themes and more. It does not include an ecosystem of its own, giving the player the option to customize it with environments of their choice. The large, customizable space provided by The Biodome may be suitable for wolfling runs.


The Biodome project took almost a decade to reach completion. The original project never reached completion, but it was revived as part of the CCSF 2006 with the Biodome community Bash. In 2010, Liam called for assistance in finishing off some of the metaroom's areas. The Biodome was released for download during the CCSF 2011 alongside its companion Biodome Object Pack.

The Biodome metaroom was created by:


Download The Biodome at Eem Foo's Archive.

See also[edit]

  • Terra, another metaroom with customizable backgrounds and environments.