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The Albian Wars

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The tale of a war between the Shee, Norns and Ettins on one side, and the Banshee and the Banshee Grendels (the Green Army).


Creatures - Albian Wars

This story was inspired by Amazon.de posting an incorrect pre-sale reservation of Creatures - The Albian Years as "Creatures - Albian Wars". Of course, there were inevitable comparisons to Star Wars, as well as theories about more aggressive or disease-ridden grendels (the Creatures 2 Bulbous Grendel was particularly tame).

As Marcus said:

Ron . . . I am your father!
May the cheese be with you!

The new Game[edit]

NornenMeister´s The Albian Wars - Mini Game

NornenMeister said:

Amazon never errs!
... They were only somewhat too fast! ;-)

Thread in Mummy´s Creatures Forum

So NornenMeister has made a mini game called "The Albian Wars" in inspiration by the incorrect posting by Amazon.de. pre-sale reservation. The Albian Wars is now an little action game, in which the Norns must combat the evil Grendels: The Albian Wars - Mini Game (Scroll down)

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