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Thaddaeus Frogley

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Thaddaeus Frogley (aka Thad) was a software engineer at Creature Labs between June 1999 and February 2002. He was apparently a friend of Joseph Fowler, leader of Equal Rights for Norns.

Thad was responsible for:

  • Improving the performance and stability of existing games
  • The creation of a performance profiler for the Creature Labs scripting language/agent model
  • The A* pathfinding algorithm in Ms. Pac Man: Quest for the Golden Maze
  • Creating some bio-chemical simulation tools
  • Making pretty rainbow effects (yes, really :-)

Large projects included the Dinosaur Park tech-demo and his work on a gameplay prototypes for Yeren. Thad and Gavin Buttimore also worked together to create THADGAVIN, winner of the 15th International Obfuscated C Code Contest for "Most Portable Output".

Thad has since moved onto Rockstar Vienna, and was recently involved in porting Grand Theft Auto 3 to the X-Box.

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