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Terra Reborn

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Terra Reborn is a third-party metaroom for DS standalone. Made by the Terra team, it follows the same theme - a mixture of C1 and C2 graphics - but is slightly larger.

The plants:

There is also a small underwater section with edible fish, and one room that can be closed with a locking door.

The room comes with a chemical grapher than can graph one chemical from the selected creature, an automatic food vendor that can be turned on or off, and an unnamed tool that will remove the Terra Reborn plants touching it when activated. There are also potions that, when drunk, supply life, reduce tiredness and sleepiness, and give a little protein.

Terra Reborn can be downloaded from AmberCreatures or Creatures Caves, among other sites.

Note that the original version cannot be used in docked worlds, as it overlaps the Norn Terrarium. In 2010, Moe released a new version of Terra Reborn for DS which does not overlap the Norn Terrarium, so you can dock your world with C3 or use the C3 In DS Norn Terrarium. Moe's edition overlaps with the Grendel Hideout. Moe's edition is available to download at Breed Storage.

The room lacks CA links between the levels, which can impede creature navigation, and it does not have a signpost. It also does not have interaction scripts for the plants, and the elevators and buttons give incorrect stims. The pears and goldfish may also cause errors due to their filenames clashing with those of other agents.

Terra Reborn Updated[edit]

In May 2022, Allekha updated Moe's edition of Terra Reborn and posted it for download on Creatures Caves.

Changes included:

  • Added CA links
  • Added CALC to closing door script to deal with potential CA errors
  • Added a signpost for easier access
  • Additional chemicals removed from eat/hit/pickup scripts
  • Changed image filenames to reduce clashing with other agents
  • Removed bad stims from buttons and added press button stim for creatures
  • Removed bad stims from lifts
  • Potions changed to only give water, had their properties adjusted, and made infinite-use
  • Fixed second banana plant never fruiting
  • Plants given pull/push/hit stims and made visible to creatures
  • Most agents with tick scripts had their scripts set to run less often, to reduce lag
  • Fixed spikotous being unable to progress in life-cycle
  • Added other misc behaviors and scripts to match Creatures Development Standards
  • Tweaked the lower-left platform so that creatures can no longer walk off it (you will still need to provide a way of getting there)