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Terra (metaroom)

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Terra is the name of a metaroom created by Liger, MKid112, and MNB. This medium sized, two level area has three small rooms on the bottom and a large plateau on top, including a freshwater pond spanned by a bridge. It contains many plants and animals which will be familiar to those who have played Creatures 2. Terra is compatible with Docking Station alone or C3+DS. Terra has an active ecology, and the metaroom will recreate many of the plants and animals in the event that they die out. Two of the backgrounds are customizable, allowing you to choose either Jungle/Greenhouse and Edgerock/Stonewall patterns. The Terra Control Panel also allows the Bacteria Detection, Automatic Food Supply and the Chemical Graph to be toggled on/off. Terra's Favorite Places icon is a palm tree. (pictured below right) The golden sphere on the bottom level of Terra connects to the Norn Meso, left of the heating pan.

The Terra Update (which is different to Terra Reborn), is available from the same location as the original room. The Update adds new plants, weather, Agent Help files and several bug fixes.

The weather can be set to one of three conditions; Normal (occasional rain) Dry (duststorms) or Tropical (thunderstorms).


Terra's Favorite Places Icon

Terra includes the following plants and animals:


Terra and the Terra Update can be downloaded from Don's website, AmberCreatures.

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This agent is compatible with OS X