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This is the Sandbox. Please feel free to play with editing features here, but don't remove this line. Thank you.

Short help[edit]

To experiment with editing, go to the sandbox. Open that in another window so you can still see this!

  • You can edit any page by clicking the edit tab at the top - do this if you think it could do with more information, or if there's an error in the page. You can also see how the wiki features work by editing existing pages - just make sure you don't save without meaning to!
  • Anywhere you see a red link, you can create a new page. You can also just type the name of an page into the URL box after the /index.php/ or /wiki/ bit, or create a link to that page in the sandbox and then click it. Why not start with a wanted page or stub?
  • To link to a page (even if it doesn't exist yet), write it like this: [[article name]]. It is case-sensitive except for the first letter.
  • To redirect one page to another (useful for different spelling or capitalization), write this: #REDIRECT [[Other Page]]
  • Write plurals like this unless the article is plural: [[Agent]]s.
  • To display different text for a link, do this: [[article name|description]].
  • You can use images as well, but you need to log in and upload the file first. Add an image with [[Image:imagename.png|left OR right OR none|frame OR thumb (if you want a frame or thumbnail - if not, leave this out)|Description]]. Examples:

[[Image:Wiki.png|left|frame|This is the [[Creatures Wiki]]logo!]]
[[Image:Wiki.png|right|This text only shows up when you hover over the image]]

  • To put a page into a category, do this: [[Category:Whatever]]. To link to a category use [[:Category:Whatever]].
  • If you make a change and don't like it, click the history tab and click the date of the previous version, then hit edit and save that version.
  • If you need to sign your name, use ~~~, or ~~~~ to include the date too. You shouldn't normally do this unless talking to someone on a talk page or making a personal note outside the normal flow of the article - wherever you can't avoid saying "I" ;-)
  • Please remember to click Preview before saving. Check all your links! Also, Help:Contents has more help for you.