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Temperature Control

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Temperature Control is a COB for Creatures 2 by Hausmouse. It creates a small crystal that will regulate the temperature of the room it is placed in. Cold areas are slowly warmed, while hot areas are slowly cooled. More than one crystal may be needed to warm or cool rooms of extreme temperatures. Click once to activate the Temperature Control crystal -- it should change color. Click again to turn it off. Creatures cannot see or touch the crystals. The COB does not inject creatures with hotness or coldness chemicals, it only changes the ambient temperature of the surrounding environment.

Hausmouse recommends using temperature control to beat the desert or volcano's heat, and as a way to keep the integrity of the Ocean Bridges - by putting a couple just below the bridge in the dark Western Ocean to avoid icebergs in winter. It is available from an archive of The Norn Spectrum, and also at eem.foo.