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Hey you ought to write a vendor tutorial for the wiki. I really like the GUI and plant tutorials! ~quirt33

Zareb's Creations Website[edit]

Zareb's website seems to have been hacked. --Nornagon 21:12, 15 Feb 2005 (GMT)

It's fixed since now a fair while ... - but thanks for posting this --zareb(talk)

Taking Time Off[edit]

At the moment, zareb is going through a difficult period, and is enduring feeding problems and depression - he assures he'll be back in the CC as soon as possible, but he'll have to get rid of some major life related issues before this will be possible.

I'm really sorry to drop people that need me, to drop everything like that... I can't anymore assure how long I'll stay away, how long it will take for me to return from my situation... As soon as possible seems to be in a very long piece of time... - zareb, 10/10/2005, 1:48 PM
Re: "zareb is a member of the Creatures Orbis project as the Head of Sprites Department."
I'm not sure if I deserve this 'title' ... I've been away a too long - zareb
If you need to take a break, whether it's from Creatures, from projects or from the computer altogether, (especially when its for health reasons) then people will and do understand. Perhaps you will be able to come back to Creatures Orbis later on and continue where you left off, but its not that important. People are important so don't feel guilty. The CC will still be here when you are feeling better so you only need to think about how you feel. Best wishes - Don 13:04, 10 Oct 2005 (UTC)
Nonsense! Zareb your one hell of an artist and this is rather late but I want everyone to see this later. You know heads from tails and you have made some of the most amazing 3D stuff I have seen for this game. So the question is not "Do you deserve this title" it is "Do we deserve you?" - Siras
Yeah, well, I don't think my return will be quick - Since now a fair while I have done nothing on Creatures, neither have I done 3d. I think I 'may' be back in some time, but it won't be the same... - zareb - 13/03/206