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I'm a little leary of saying that the nests are harmful, but the bugs are harmless... If one searches Ask Laura for "Terra", there are some complaints about norns (esp. young Draconians) dying after having eaten the bugs. Embri, where did you get that the bugs are harmless from? - Malkin 23:46, 7 Jan 2006 (UTC)

That's what the agent help says, but I do remember having one Dream norn eat a bug and dying shortly thereafter. Here's the Agent Help, quoted from the catalog file:

TAG "Agent Help 2 17 6231" "Spikous bacterium nest" "No, this is not a plant. Its actually a nest made by the Spikous bug bacteria. This nest is actually an infection in the living matter of Terra, but it does no harm.\n\nPlease do not teach your creatures to push the nests, it will cause them to have a allergic sneezing reaction.\n\nIf left alone, the nests will pop open freeing the tiny bactera, which can be eaten."

TAG "Agent Help 2 13 6231" "Spikous bug bacterium" "Don't panic, this is not totally a bad thing. This bacteria has its positive, and negative traits.\n\nThis bacteria itself cannot harm a creature, in fact if eaten it cures some poisons, but rather it is the nests that it makes that are slightly dangerous."

Do you want me to change the entry to say that the bugs are bad, too? Embri 01:21, 8 Jan 2006 (UTC)