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OHSS in real life?![edit]

My interest in gengineering has gotten me interested in biochemistry, in both creatures and real animals. So I've decided tell you about a little simularity I've found between eward system in creatures, and us real animals.

Now the real-life equivelent of the reward chemical is dopamine, which is released automatically into our brains to reward us for something good, I have also read that it also serves as a punishment chemical, but how it can take both roles hasn't been explained to me (and i'm looking for the answers as I write) but since it has been explained to me that good actions increase dopamine, rewarding for the action, I must assume bad actions lower it and so punish us.

Now what intersted me to find about dopamine,like the reward/punishment chemicals in creatures, will, in high or low amounts for extended periods of time will cause a real life equivelent of one-hour-stupidy-syndrome, where the sufferer is severely impaired in learning and may frequently hurt themselves and generally act stupid, as they are in a subconcious state of confusion (whilst norns are in a concious state of confusion)

-- 17:12, 3 August 2009 (UTC)