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Talk:Norn Breeds

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What is the distinction between C3 and DS for? bd_ 21:50, 30 Dec 2004 (PST)

I was wondering that too, since besides Chichi, all the Nornbreeds on DS work in C3 without DS as well Homer
They are separated because if we got all of them together, it would just get too big... And then we would also have to join the creatures 1 with creatures 2 since the c1 ones can also be used in c2. Andrettin
No, the C1 norns can only be used in C2 if imported out of C1, but the Add-on norns from C3/DS can be used in both, maybe you could make all the c3/ds breeds into one list and add "(DS only)" to the ChiChi-norn, just a suggestion Homer

Just my opinion but wouldn't it be better if the breeds were sorted by what game they were in? Homer

Yes... yes I think that would be best too.