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Guys, you may want to speak with the patent office about this "new" invention:

U.S. Patent 7,025,675 Issued 04/11/2006 "Video Game Characters Having Evolving Traits" Inventors - Fogel et al, Digenetics, Inc.

With few exceptions, prior art game systems do not utilize game characters having "genetic" structures . . . The term "digital genetics" or "digenetics" refers to the simulated genetic code associated with a game character . . . The computer-simulated digenetic code is maintained throughout its life unless altered via digenetic therapy or digenetic mutation . . . The types of mutations, the severity of the mutations, and/or the frequency of mutation can be generated randomly . . . resulting in extraordinary strength; additional or unusual physical features; enhanced or degraded vision; altered cognitive capacities; or the like . . . Offspring video game characters have digenetic components based on their parent characters . . .

See [patft.uspto.gov/] to verify. I don't see any distinction here over just "game character genetics" besides the fact that characters are stored on a Net server, which sounds like "Docking Station." --Kris Schnee 14:41, 11 April 2006 (UTC)

Docking Station doesn't store characters on a central server. The patent was filed on August 29, 2003, a continuation of a Dec. 26, 2000 patent, so it could only possibly apply to DS (released March 2001) and probably can't apply to that (since DS was beta tested back in 2000, afaik).
A quick glance at the patent claims seems to show that they're trying to patent something quite different from anything Creatures-y, although a lot of the claims would seem to already exist in prior art (and the rest seem like obvious derivatives). IANAL, etc, and I don't have the time/patience to read the claims in detail right now. "Talking to the patent office" is pointless, though - in the US, as far as I'm aware, patents generally only get invalidated in the courts unless there's something really obvious which was missed and which the patent office are prepared to deal with. Fuzzie 15:26, 11 April 2006 (UTC)

Inserting the creature into docking station[edit]

Sorry if it's said somewhere else, but I've looked loads and couldn't find it! But I can't get that official gene editor working but I want to put a custom creature gene into the game (like where it goes in as an egg). Does anyone know how to do this, or if there is something I can use? Thanks :) -- 23:27, 2 January 2009 (UTC)