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This is the Suggestions section. Please contribute your ideas et cetera as to how you think the Flaris Norns should act, what climate you think they'd like, etc. :-)

Daan: The name Flaris Norns makes them seem like norns with a lot of flare, meaning they should be very "wanting to know" what other norns think of them, and they should live in a warm, fire-forest.

Liam: They come from a colourful rainforest planet - they like humid areas. Strangely, they really don't have any other things related to fire in them, just their colouring. I should've posted that a while ago, but I thought everyone had forgotten about this ^^; EDIT, and yes, they'll have a bit of flare in them ;-) They are very protective, and I'd like them to have intricate mating procedures - just a kisspop is getting a little boring ;-)

Marcus Kurzbach: I think this Norns from a forest with very big trees with big red bole. Or out a red stone dessert with shrubs with no leafs.

sam999 I think thay should be carnivorns and have a metaroom like what Daan said

Xylosplanet: Wow this norn looks so cool! It could be the perfect template for a breed I'm working on...

maybe for the mating ritual, they can do a little "dance," you know? Or they maybe strike a weird pose?