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Just for reference, I ordered the Linux CIE on the 27th and it has arrived successfully (in the UK) four days later so Tux Games still do have copies of the title in stock at the moment. I would recommend paying by PayPal as opposed to Credit Card though, for security - Don 10:03, 1 Nov 2005 (UTC)

That sounds like awful advice, security-wise? - credit card companies are bound by financial institution law, and chargebacks aren't a problem to do, whereas there are many, many well-documented cases of issues with paypal when disputing things, such as them simply taking money from bank accounts and not giving it back for months. And it's not as if Tux Games are a new or unknown company. - Fuzzie 14:52, 1 Nov 2005 (UTC)

I really didn't like the look of their Credit Card form, and at least with PayPal you can only loose the amount of money you sent (I hope) ;) - Don 15:33, 1 Nov 2005 (UTC)