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For discussion on Creatures 1 Macintosh compatibility and emulation see Talk:Macintosh Creatures.

I don't think this statement is quite accurate: "And occasional background sounds rather than the ambient music which evolved in later titles." My copy of the game, at least, did have ambient music. Maybe there was an original release that didn't have ambient music, but later releases of Creatures (well before The Albian Years) definitely did. I'm not editing the article because I'm not sure that there wasn't an early version, as there was for instance a version of the game where you had a limited number of eggs (the version I played gave you as many as you wanted), but I am making a note of it here: that statement is at least not true for all versions of Creatures 1. Ghosthande 14:05, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Playing In Windows 7[edit]


I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on getting these games to work on Windows 7....